Monday, August 2, 2010

Dying My Hair Blond

About 2-3 weeks ago, I had my hair dyed blond at the Evergreen Salon in Jaipur. "What, Jessica?! Why would you want to dye your hair blond again?" Well, my dear Americans, in India my natural color (medium brunette) is considered light blond. I was sick of standing on the bus and having women and girls snicker at my blond/pink/orange-and-brunette-roots mess that was my hair. I may not be able to understand what they were saying in Hindi, but a girl can tell when someone is insulting her hair.

So I asked for my hair to be dyed blond, and then they placed me in a chair and began to color my hair with over the counter Loreal brand dye. The head hair dresser put on gloves that appeared already used, and then began applying the dye. Her assistant held section of my hair out of the way. He was basically acting like a human hair clip. I'm pretty sure it would be cheaper to buy some hair clips than to pay this man to hold my hair.

After they were finished applying all the dye, the hairdresser wrapped my head in plastic wrap because they couldn't find a shower cap.

After my hair was finished cooking, the hairdresser rinsed out the dye feverishly. I'm used to being pampered and treated delicately at a salon. Not here! This lady was trying to rub off my scalp. Then they (hairdresser and assistant) proceeded to blow dry my hair together. Really?! I mean I could certainly use an assistant to blow dry my hair, for sure, but she's supposed to be a professional. It was very funny to watch her correct him.

I must say it looked good when everything was said and done until I paid 1800 rupees (~$40). I realized later as my color began to fade and blond and pink strands began showing through that I had been gypped once again. But for a week or two, I was happy to be blond again.

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